Let’s Connect…
Membership. If you desire to become a member of Antioch and the Lord is leading you to do so, we would love to help you do so. Near the end of each worship service, there is an invitation period (typically after the sermon). During this period, there will be an appeal to worship attendees to become a Christian, have intercessory prayer, or join our church.  If you desire to join our church, you would do so during that time by coming toward the front of the church and being directed to our our Decision Team who will then complete a New Member Intake form for you. Following this step, you will be scheduled for Antioch 101 which is a 4 hour seminar (with lunch) that will give your more information about our church and present you with an opportunity to answer questions before making your commitment to join our church. 
A member of Antioch demonstrates commitment to our congregation. Specifically, a member is expected to: 1) complete Antioch 101, 2) attend regularly, 3) serve faithfully, 4) give generously,  and 5) participate in a LifeGroup. 
If you would like to become a member, click here. 
LifePoint. Through LifePoint, we hope to connect our members with others who find themselves at similar life stages or checkpoints on their Christian journey. Whether those are related to lifecycle, family structure, hobbies, affinities or zip code, our goal is to encourage the development of meaningful, Christ-centered relationships. Life Groups meet regularly and will be a consistent source of fellowship, care, discipleship and prayer.  These groups are open to those who desire to be in community, even as they pray about uniting with our congregation.  Join LifePoint today reap the benefits of “doing life” with others! To sign up for a LifeGroup, click here. 
Want to know more? Email: lifepoint@antiochcorinth.org

MOSAIC. Our MOSAIC groups are intended to be a resource to those who may have a unique ministry need within the Antioch family and the community at-large. While the scope of the MOSAIC groups may change from time-to-time, we are committed to helping our members and our neighbors work through difficult issues like mental illness, sexual purity, divorce recovery, marital distress, drugs, and alcohol and cultural diversity. To sign up to participate in a MOSAIC group, click here.

Want to know more? Email:  mosaic@antiochcorinth.org
Let’s Grow…
ACF F.L.O.W. ACF Future Leaders of Worship (F.L.O.W.) is our umbrella ministry for all of our youth and children’s ministry at Antioch.  Through relevant bible studies, devotional activities, and some fun, ACF FLOW partners with parents to introduce their children to Jesus Christ and reinforce Christian values.
Want to know more? Email: acfflow@antiochcorinth.org
Antioch Bible Institute (ABI)ABI helps Christians develop a deeper understanding of the Bible and a consistent Christian lifestyle. This mission is accomplished by offering bible-centered curricula that develops a foundational understanding in the Bible and Christian discipleship. Class are offered on multiple days and times.
Want to know more? Email: abi@antiochcorinth.org
Daughters of Virtue (DOVE). The DOVE Women’s Ministry presents opportunities to grow in understanding the Bible and applying it to real life situations. Through conferences, workshops, and fellowship events, DOVE encourages the development of the virtuous, God-honoring woman.
Want to know more? Email: dove@antiochcorinth.org
Men of Antioch.  Just as iron sharpens iron, so do the Men of Antioch sharpen each other.  Not only do they sharpen each other through relationships built on accountability and trust, they also build strong bonds of brotherhood and friendship through discipleship and fellowship activities.
Want to know more? Email:  moa@antiochcorinth.org
Antioch Advance. Antioch Advance is on the front lines of sharing the good news about Jesus Christ to our community and the world. Through intentional evangelism trainings, prayer walks, domestic and international missions, and other activities, Antioch Advance intentionally seeks tell others about Jesus Christ so that some might be saved.
Want to know more? Emailantiochadvance@antiochcorinth.org
Marriage Ministry.  We believe that healthy, God-honoring marriages help the congregation remain strong. Through our marriage ministry we serve married and engaged couples by sharing biblical insight and wisdom to help them strengthen their marriage commitment to each other for God’s glory.
Want to know more? Email:  marriage@antiochcorinth.org
Let’s Serve…
Antioch Arms.The mission of Antioch Arms is to serve the needs within our community and church through compassion, fellowship and service.  In a growing community, there are so many needs, but through prayer, we have decided to focus our efforts on alleviating and eliminating the pains of Homelessness while serving in other ways to meet needs and give God glory! Come join us as we serve Christ by serving his people.
Want to know more? Emailantiocharms@antiochcorinth.org
Ministry Placement.  Are you looking for ways to serve? Do you sense a call to leadership? Have a few hours to commit? Well, at Antioch we have a number of opportunities to partner with us in ministry. Click here for the latest list of ministry needs.
Want to know more? Email:  serve@antiochcorinth.org